Turizam Volume 23, Issue 2-2


Authors: Vedran Milojica

Abstract: Globalization influenced significantly tourism industry in terms of acceleration of changes in
the tourist market, with a particular accent on the increase of tourist movements and changes
in tourist preferences. One of the reasons with a significant impact was the development of the
Internet which resulted in easier obtaining of information about tourist destinations and their
offer, especially through use of websites created primarily for the presentation and promotion
of tourist offer. Contemporary tourists prefer to travel “virtually”, respectively search for details
about a destination online before making a decision about visiting it. In order to achieve maximum
success in turning potential tourists into visitors, tourist websites need to be created as
an ideal combination of images and texts which will reveal the destination´s particularities
and stimulate a positive decision in the decision-making process. In order to determine its success,
the website needs to be evaluated through determining website user´s attitudes towards
its contents. The purpose of this paper is to determine the website user´s level of satisfaction
post-browsing the website contents on the example of the official website of the Tourist Board
of Zagreb, and whether website users would be willing to recommend it to others in search for
information about the destination. The following scientific methods will be used: inductive
and deductive method, method of analysis and synthesis, statistical methods (descriptive statistical
analysis, correlation and regression analysis), etc. It is expected that the results of the
empirical research will determine all the website´s advantages, as well as the potential weaknesses,
all of them aimed at its improvement, which will have a positive influence on better
presentation of tourist offer, attracting higher number of tourists, which will finally result in
achieving competitiveness on the tourist market.

Keywords:tourist websites, measuring satisfaction, repeat visit intention, city tourist offer,
DOI: 10.5937/turizam23-22206

Article info: 86-99

Received: May 2019 | Accepted: Jun 2019

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