Within the program activity “Development of higher education” of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development for the school year 2020/2021. year, the project “Innovation of the teaching process of geography in order to increase the digital competencies of future teachers” (DIGinGEOteach) was recognized. The holder of the project is the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, and the project manager is prof. Dr. Andjelija Ivkov Dzigurski.

The basic idea of ​​the project is the improvement of methodological subjects and the adaptation of the educational and research process to the concept of permanent education, emphasizing multi and interdisciplinarity, innovation and applicability. Improving digital competencies of students / future teachers for creating methodological preparations and training for the application of modern methods and techniques in teaching geography and the application of ICT in the process of designing, implementing and evaluating the classical teaching process and distance learning.

The main goal is to innovate the teaching process of geography in order to increase the digital competencies of future teachers. Students / future teachers of geography in the study program Graduate Professor of Geography, are the main actors in this project, because they participate in numerous project activities. The activities are realized within the subjects Innovations in teaching geography and Teaching facilities and means of work in teaching geography. Numerous activities were realized, where students had nine work tasks: from the use of computers in teaching and making Power Point presentations for teaching purposes, through making teaching preparations and realization of classes for project and interactive teaching; making mind maps for geography classes, designing and implementing debates in teaching and turning the classroom into a theater to making tests for the application of enigmatic games in teaching, making and applying QR codes, various types of online tests and questionnaires to determine and test knowledge.

As tablets and VR glasses were provided for each student for the needs of such classes through the project, by the end of the semester they had the opportunity to participate in activities in which they acquired knowledge in the field of online and distance learning, video recording techniques and its use in function. teaching. They tried the most useful tools for online teaching and got acquainted with the possibilities of applying VR (virtual reality) in teaching using VR glasses. At the end of the project cycle, future teachers applied the acquired knowledge with their professors and assistants, Prof. Dr. Andjelija Ivkov Dzigurski, prof. dr Ljubica Ivanović Bibić, doc. Dr. Smiljana Đukičin Vucković and Dr. Jelena Milanković Jovanov showed digital competencies within the simulation of a school lesson.