The History of Journal

International Scientific Journal Turizam was first published in 1997 at the Institute of Geography and Tourism, Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad. It has been published annually until 2009. Form 2011, the Journal is published 4 times a year.

Conceptual framework of the journal is oriented towards contemporary trends in tourism, hotel management and gastronomy. Thus, its main aim has been a general tendency of the former Institute and present Department to publish papers first in tourism field and later to broaden the scope to hotel management and gastronomy. Since the topics in the journal cover activities which are dynamic and changeable within a year or a season and indicate various structural and functional tendencies in different parts of the world, therefore the journal was assigned the subtitle “Contemporary tendencies in tourism, hotel management and gastronomy”. This thematic definition of the journal is in concordance with the activities conducted within the educational and scientific framework for the Majors at the Department.
Publishing of the journal since its early issues has been in connection with the annual scientific meeting held in October under the title “Contemporary tendencies in tourism”, and later under the title “Contemporary tendencies in tourism, hotel management and gastronomy”. Both the scientific meeting and the journal comprised the following topics: contemporary tendencies in tourism, sustainable tourism development, cultural tourism, tourism economy, marketing and management in tourism, hotel management, animation in tourism, hunting tourism and gastronomy. Such thematic scope in early issues used to be thoroughly explained to the associates, but with time an attitude towards the general topics of papers was formed and finally certain thematic scopes of the journal gained the form that appeared more general but managed to preserve scientific orientation of the journal.

Since its early issues, journal “Turizam” has had an international Editorial Board, whose members have been mostly professionals in tourism, hotel management and gastronomy fields from neighbouring countries where those fields were given high priority. In addition, there has always been the tendency that university professors and researchers from other European and Non-European countries who participated in the educational process and scientific work at our Department become members of Editorial Board.

Only strictly reviewed papers from the aforementioned fields would be published in the journal. Thus, the associates of the journal would be directed towards high quality research that would certainly make contribution both to our journal and science in general. The main goal of the Editorial Board is to achieve high position for our journal within categorization of scientific journals as well as to increase its impact among scientific publications.

“Turizam” does not have any article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges nor publication fee.

Editorial Board