About us

The Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management was established in 1962 by Branislav Bukurov, the academician. For more than half of a century, the Department has grown and developed, which places it among the most respectable Departments of Geography in Southeast Europe today.

The main professional activities of the Department are education, teaching, scientific and research activities, as well as publishing. The educational process is carried out at the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels of study.

Scientific research with its long-standing tradition has been conducted through several projects funded by the government, such as “Geographic Research of Municipalities in Vojvodina ”, “Geomorphological Map of Yugoslavia”, “Conditions and Development Strategies of Vojvodina”, “Loess-palaesol Sequences in Serbia”, “Demographic Transition in Serbia” and “Regional Water Resources Investigations In The Scope Of Sustainable Development” (funded by UN).

The Department quarterly publishes two scientific journals: Geographica Pannonica and Turizam, and also the Department’s Collection of Papers which has the longest tradition. In addition to  geo-science, multidisciplinary activities of the Department also comprise research in tourism, sustainable development, marketing, management, etc.

Therefore, pursuing high quality lectures, fostering highly competent and eminent professors and teaching assistants creates prosperous and competitive students who will successfully find employment worldwide.