Turizam Volume 20, Issue 4-3


Authors: Wirth Gábor

Abstract: Nowadays the development and future of the well-known Hungarian bathing resort, Lake Velence, have been put to focus by professionals and the media since „Historia est magistra vitae”.
Even experts must learn from the mistakes and successes of the past. This study is trying to show the tourism development of Lake Velence by analyzing this settlement’s functions. Literature, statistics and research deal with this issue. These sources cover actual questions as for the tourism development of Lake Velence. Historical databases of Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) and System of Settlement Data (TeIR) have been used as well as the sketchmap of Geomarket software, which gives a chronological contrast. The advantageous transport-geographical state and the nearness of Budapest influenced the tourism development of Lake Velence. The development of tourist attractions, primary and secondary suprastructure deepened the differences between the examined settlements. Improvements can be achieved only if a complex regional development is put through in the area of Lake Velence.

Keywords: Tourism development, settlement development, functions of settlements, Lake Velence.

DOI: 10.18421/TRZ20.04-03

Article info: 192-211

Received: January 2016 | Accepted: November 2016

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