A group of twelve third-year hotel management students from the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hospitality continued the tradition of organizing thematic events within the Animation and Logistics in Tourism course and for the 54th time, under the leadership of Professor Andjelija Ivkov Džigurski, Ph.D., and assistant Igor Stamenković, Ph.D., launched a humanitarian action “We are small, traffic experts”.

The program was implemented on December 14, 2022, starting at 8 a.m., at the Elementary School “Žarko Zrenjanin” in Novi Sad, for 28 fourth-grade students and lasted almost 4 hours. Through an interactive program, a performance, a quiz, a creative workshop, the students’ attention was drawn to the importance of safe behavior in traffic, and support in the implementation of the program was provided by Gordana Hubana, head of the Traffic Police Department of the Police Administration in Novi Sad, and Nikola Veselinović, a representative of the Novi Sad Bicycle Initiative. who held a lecture on the topic of children’s safety as pedestrians, bicycle drivers and vehicle passengers.  Bearing in mind that this is a humanitarian project, the children who attended the program were given 28 gift packets for snacks that were made thanks to sponsors.

The packages contained water, juices, fruit, snacks and crayons, and the students also received gingerbread. In addition to this small token of attention that they received on the day of the implementation of the program, the students of this class were also given a printer. As an entrance fee, on that day the pupils brought sweets, books and school supplies, which were used to make New Year’s packets and which were handed over to the Association for Epidermolysis Bullosa “Debra” (butterfly children). “Debra” is a humanitarian association that connects people suffering from epidermolysis bullosa and their families, helps them cope with everyday life and provides the necessary medical equipment for wound healing, skin care and maintaining good health.

The realization of this humanitarian project was helped by: KM Knjigovodstvo 2012 DOO, MP1 Agrar DOO, Stilby DOO, Pizzeria Bocelli, bookstores Fora 4, Stil B, Solaris and Zebra, Children’s shop “Ogi” and nursery school “Moj mali svet” and TSV Diskont.


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Subject professors, prof. Ph.D. Andjelija Ivkov-Dzhigurski Assistant, Ph. Dr. Igor Stamenkovic