A group of 17 third-year students from the department of tourism, majoring in hotel management from the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad organized on February 1, 2023. in the year “Eurovision Time Machine” themed evening at the Student Cultural Center “Fabrika”, with the intention of collecting humanitarian aid for the Association for Epidermolysis Bullosa “Debra”.

The humanitarian evening, the 55th in a row, has been a tradition for 17 years, and represents the practical part of the exam in animation and logistics in tourism and hotel management. The entertainment program consisted of three parts. The first part started with a skit by the students, then established musicians presented themselves, including Čaba Kish with his band Rock Liberty, the group “Gift”, the singing school “Melodies”, the dance studio “Master Dance” as well as students from the Faculty of Science , who performed the Eurovision song “Molitva” by Marija Šerifović and Konstraka’s last year’s hit “In korpore sano”. In the extension of the evening, the students performed the old songs “Waterloo” by ABBA and “Shake It” by Sakis Rouvas from the most famous music festival in Europe, which was a competitive part of the program. Gastronomy students also took part in the charity dinner, whose specialties, such as Swedish meatballs, Dutch pancakes and Greek salad, could be tasted by around 200 guests present. During the evening, a raffle was held, and the guests received valuable gifts.

The vice-president of the “Debra” Association, Mirko Savić, prepared a presentation, introducing the attendees to the problems and challenges encountered by “butterfly children”, as well as their family members.

The project was supported and helped by: Galens invest, Promist doo, Geoada doo, Kite doo, Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Index Mirjana, Pronix doo, Codinuity doo, Deja i Maki, Restoran bar kod Brka, Ante Brkić catering, Jeremija M&M , Zoka Bakery, Master Trade, Volley Sports Club, Memo workshop, STR Ignis, Arum, Siki Butcher, Zorica Fairy Tales decor, Print Studio 11, Bar tables NS. When it comes to the raffle, the following participated: Makiinaailss, Aninn_sminkeraj,, Vanilla square, Zorica Čelebić – makeup artist, Jovana Subotin, Kinder nails, Drama queen, Masaža by Sunčica, Vanja Čotar makeup, Kika Rajić, Rada Švonja, Rose dent . Fruška Terme, Modena travel.


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Subject professors, prof. Ph.D. Andjelija Ivkov-Dzhigurski Assistant, Ph. Dr. Igor Stamenkovic