Back to the golden 80s


On Thursday, March 31, 2022 The 53rd thematic evening, entitled “Back to the Golden 80s”, was held in the Student Cultural Center “Fabrika” in Novi Sad, starting at 8 pm. A group of 8 students of third-year on Hotel Managenet modul, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management organized the practical part of the exam in the subject “Animation and Logistics in Tourism and Hotel Management”.

The themed evening was related to masquerade, the atmosphere was completed by various costumes and fashion recreation from the 80’s. The program began with a sketch in which students participated, afterwards the band “S&M” completed the atmosphere. The evening was certainly marked by the performance of “Državni posla” and the dance point of the group “Vojvodina dance”. About 130 guests enjoying the program and had the opportunity to try cocktails and food, prepared by gastronomy students.

The funds raised from the sale of tickets, drinks and sponsors are intended for the association “From another angle” from Veternik. Namely, it is an association of persons with disabilities, socially endangered families, families with three or more children and hemophiliacs.

The project was supported and assisted by: Carnex, Miniprint Printing House, Club Saint-Tropez, Es Sistem, Stabmont doo, Stabilnost doo, Translog Sekulić, Cardios Polikilinika, PIP, Impress Printing House, Restaurant Magaza, T-Pam, Meat Processing Gačić, English Language School Talking Heads, Butcher Nedeljković, Zbir brewery, Badge studio Belgrade, Studio plus, Sparkle, SOS taxi and Makeup artist Kristina Uhelji, Hotel Borkovac, Hotel Fruške terme, Hotel Dash, Restaurant Fruškogorska terasa, Restaurant Avenia, Zenit bookstore, World Class gym, Avon lady, Bogdan Budimir massage, Gymnasium sports center, Arena Cineplex, 3D Studio Rakić, Apartments “Predah” on Zlatibor, Winery “Mačkov podrum”, Caffe shop Tulip, Bonjour confectionery, Chocolate heart Maja Šašić, Natural cosmetics Flekica, Žabac, Bolesni_shop, Beauty La bella, Baseline beauty center, Beauty house, Angie beauty salon, Natural cosmetics Ivona, Furniture Lazor, Household Knezevic, Retro soul photography, Makeup by Maja Medjesi, Rosmarino aperitif, Diary of a student, Boulevard books, Coctail catareing and printing on a cup by Kristina Medjesi.


Welcome to our themed evenings!

Subject professor, Prof. Dr. Andjelija Ivkov-Dzigurski

Assistant, Prof. Dr. Igor Stamenković