PhD Uglješa Stankov


Brief Biography:

Date and Place of Birth: October 4, 1982, Srbobran, Serbia.

He graduated in 2005 and obtained his master’s degree in 2009. He defended his doctoral thesis titled “Web Marketing and Geographic Information Systems in the Tourism of Vojvodina” on November 4, 2010, at the Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.


Tel: +381214852829
E-mails ugljesastankov@gmail.com | ugljesa.stankov@dgt.uns.ac.rs
Websites: www.ugljesa.in.rs   www.ugljesa.com
Consultation hours: Please, check on www.ugljesa.in.rs

Academic positions:

  • 2007 – 2007: Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.
  • 2007 – 2010: Research Trainee, Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.
  • 2010: Assistant, Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad.
  • 2011 – 2016: Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.
  • 2016 – 2021: Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.
  • 2021 – Full Professor.

Research areas:

  • User-technology interactions
  • Tourist experiences and mindfulness
  • Digital well-being
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Environmental protection research

Courses taught:

  • Undergraduate studies: Information Technologies in Tourism and Basics of GIS
  • Master’s studies: E-Business in Tourism, Application of GIS in Economy, Application of GIS in Public Administration
  • Doctoral studies: Management of Technological Innovations in Tourism and Hospitality.

Other important information:

Languages: English

Membership in organizations:

  1. Member of the Geographical Society of Vojvodina
  2. Member of research groups for Cultural Tourism and Rural Tourism at DGTH
  3. Member of the Center for Spatial Information of Vojvodina at UNSPMF
  4. IFITT – International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism


  1. “Environmental State Study in AP Vojvodina – Problems and Challenges,” Sectoral Pressures: Space and Population, and Tourism. Dr. Lazar Lazić, Dr. Vladimir Stojanović, Dr. Anđelija Ivkov-Džigurski, Dr. Dragoslav Pavić, Dr. Stevan Savić, and Mr. Uglješa Stankov. Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (2009).
  1. “Presentation, Promotion, and Activation of Natural and Cultural Contents of Mali Stapar.” Public Water Management Company “Vode Vojvodine” and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Project Leader: Dr. Lazar Lazić (2010).
  1. “GIS Spatial Analysis of Tourism Areas and Protected Areas.” Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Government of the Republic of Slovakia. Project Leaders: Dr. Jasmina Đorđević and RNDr. Michal Klaučo (2010 and 2011).
  1. “Analysis of the Urban Climate of Novi Sad and Its Impact on the Thermal Comfort of the Population.” Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Secretariat for Science and Technological Development – Project Member (2012-2013).
  1. “Tourism Development Program of the Municipality of Beočin,” as part of the project “Beočin – a new vision of a tourist destination! Creating conditions for the development of rural tourism in the municipality of Beočin,” funded within the framework of the EU Exchange 3 program.
  1. “Web GIS and Geosciences,” Accredited program for continuous professional development of teachers, educators, professionals, and school directors – Program author and implementer (2014-2016).
  1. “Water Shortage Hazard and Adaptive Water Management Strategies in the Hungarian-Serbian Cross-Border Region – WAHASTRAT” (ID: HUSRB/1203/121/130) – Project Leader for PP1 (2013-2014). Total project value: 630,340 EU.
  1. IPA HUSRB project: “Monitoring, Forecasting, and Development of an Online Public Early Warning System for Extreme Precipitations and Pluvial Floods in Urban Areas in the Hungarian-Serbian Cross-Border Region – URBAN-PREX” (HUSRB/1602/11/0097).
  1. “Digital Guide for Tourist Attractions in AP Vojvodina,” Strategic Project of AP Vojvodina (The Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research) (2017-2018).
  1. “Intergenerational Connectivity and Solidarity as a Population Measure in the Sustainable Development of Vojvodina,” Project Number: 142-451-2795/2018-01, funded by the Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development of Vojvodina, Serbia.
  1. “Evaluation of Digital Transformation of Culture in Serbia,” Ministry of Culture and Information, Project Number: 451-04-2807/2019-09.
  1. “Digitisation and Culture for New Generations – DiCultYouth” Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – Strategic Partnership for Youth (2018-2-CY02-KA205-001362151.175,00 EUR) (November 2018 – October 2020).
  1. COST Action CA19142, “LEAD-ME – Leading Platform for European Citizens, Industries, Academia, and Policymakers in Media Accessibility” (MC Substitute).
  1. COST Action CA19136, “NET4AGE-FRIENDLY – International Interdisciplinary Network on Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments” (MC Substitute).
  1. ERASMUS + “Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Tourism Development (ICT4STD)” 2019-1-PL01-KA203-065781 (2019-2021).
  1. Erasmus+ KA220-SCH – “Cooperation Partnerships in School Education. Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Educational Tools for the Prevention of Teenage Psychological Disorders (AI@Smile)” Budget: 400,000 EUR (lump sum): 01/09/2023 – 31/08/2026.
  1. H2020-LC-GD-2020-3 / GA 101036480 – “Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future (GreenSCENT).”
  1. HORIZON-MSCA-2022-SE-01 – “Engaging Approaches and Services for Meaningful Climate Actions” – CLEARCLIMATE 01/11/2023 – 31/10/2027.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Plaque for the Best-Rated Professor by students in the academic year 2013/2014 at the Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad.
  • Awards from the University of Novi Sad for outstanding achievements in the academic years 2002/2003, 2003/2004, and 2004/2005.
  • Certificate from the Fund for the Scholarship of Gifted Students at the University of Novi Sad in the academic year 2004/2005.
  • Diploma from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade, April 2002.
  • University Award for outstanding academic achievements at the University of Novi Sad throughout the study period.


  • Academic Advisor for Geography programs since 2013
  • Editorial Board member at the Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hotel Management (2011-2013)
  • Technical Editor for the International Scientific Journal “Tourism” (2007-2014)
  • Reviewer for various journals: Acta Oeconomica, European Journal of Tourism Research, Geographica Pannonica, and others.
  • Invited lecturer at the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport, and Tourism (March 26-28, 2013).

Selected References:

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