PhD Tin Lukić

Short biography:

Date and place of birth: April 7, 1984, Novi Sad, Serbia. He graduated in 2009, and he completed his postgraduate (master’s) studies in 2010 by defending his master’s thesis titled “Paleoclimatic and paleoecological properties of the loess profile of Zagajička Brda” at the Department of Geography, Tourism, and Hospitality, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, with a maximal grade of 10 and an average grade of 9.87/10 on master’s studies. In 2015, he successfully completed his doctoral studies at the same department, specializing in Ph.D. in Geosciences (Geography), by defending a dissertation titled “Colorimetric perspective of loess-paleosol sequences as an indicator of paleoclimatic and paleoecological processes“, with an overall grade during the studies of 10.0/10. His main field of research is Natural Hazards, Geomorphology, Recent and paleoclimate changes, Geoheritage and Geotourism.


Phone: +381 21 485 2836 /
Consultations: Monday 13-14h, Thursday 18-19h, office No. 7.

Work positions:

  • 2011-2012, Research Associate
  • 2012-2015, Teaching Assistant
  • 2015- 2020, Assistant Professor
  • 2020- , Associate Professor

Area of expertise:

  • Natural Hazards
  • Recent and paleo climate changes
  • Geomorphology
  • Geoheritage and Geoconservation
  • Geotourism



  • Introduction to Geography
  • Introduction to Soil Science
  • Natural disasters and hazards in the geographical environment
  • Spatial analysis of natural hazards
  • Thematic cartography
  • Climatology and soil science
  • Cartography in Tourism
  • Soil Science with Fundamentals of Biogeography in Hunting Tourism


  • Environmental Hazards


  • Natural risks and disasters in the geographical environment
  • Ecological safety and risks in the geographical environment

Foreign languages:

  • English

Awards and scholarships:

  • Award for the best young scientist in 2016.
  • Award for scientific excellence as the second-most cited researcher in the field of geography, tourism, and hospitality in the AP Vojvodina, Serbia, for the year 2022.


  • Transformation of Geospace in Serbia – past, contemporary problems and proposed solutions. Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Project ID- 176020.
  • H2020-WIDESPREAD-2020-5, Coordination and support action; Twinning for the advancement of data-driven multidisciplinary research into hydro-climatic extremes to support risk assessment and decision making – ExtremeClimTwin; Project ID- 952384.
  • H2020-LC-GD-2020-3, Research and innovation programme; GreenScent – Smart Citizen Education for a Green Future; Project ID- 101036480. 

Selected references:

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