dr Igor Ponjiger

Kratka biografija:

Date and place of birth: 09.03.1990. Novi Sad

Graduated in 2014. In the same year enrolled in master studies and in 2015 completed MSc thesis entitled: “Management of large game in the hunting ground of PE NP Fruška gora”. Enrolled in doctoral studies in 2015 (geosciences – tourism at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hospitality). In 2018 submitted the topic of his doctoral dissertation entitled – “Analysis of selected causes of changes in the number of European rabbits (Lepus europaeus Pall.) In Vojvodina – importance for hunting and hunting tourism.”


Tel: +381 21 485 2845| |

Office: Number 13, 1st floor

Academic career:

  • 2016. – PhD student hired at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Sciences
  • 2018. – Research assistant, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Sciences

Area of research:

  • Hunting
  • Ecology of game
  • GIS
  • Tourism


  • Basics of hunting
  • Protection and management of wild game
  • Hunting weapons, ammunition and ballistics
  • Fishing Tourism


Languages: English (C1), Slovak, Italian (A2)


  • Transformation of geospace of Serbia-past, modern problems and proposed solutions. OI176020


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