Turizam Volume 27, Issue 1-4



Authors: Marija Cimbaljević, Aleksa Panić, Danijel Pavlović, Vanja Pavluković, Tatjana Pivac, Sanja Kovačić, Uglješa Stankov

Abstract: This study aimed to conduct an examination of prior research on tourism destinations’ competitiveness to shed light and broaden the field of knowledge on the topic.The review focuses on 45 practical and applicable studies that addressed the competitiveness of tourism destinations. The findings indicatethat half of the analyzed articles are model-driven research, while Crouch and Ritchie’s model is one of the most frequently applied models among articles. It has been shown that there are different perceptions and views of destination competitiveness on the demand and supply side. The majority of the study on destination competitiveness is based on a supply side given their experience and deeper knowledge of tourism businesses. The research also seeks to identify the most common indicators of competitiveness to understand the creation of tourist offers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, it was important to give a more thorough overview of tourism competitiveness in Serbia and reveal any potential knowledge gaps in the literature and provide guidance for further research.

Keywords: tourism competitiveness, destination competitiveness, competitiveness models, indicators, Serbia

DOI: 10.5937/turizam27-42000

Article info: 51-65

Received: December 2022 | Accepted: February 2022

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