Volume 20, Issue 4-2, December 2016


Authors: Marko Urošev, Dragan Dolinaj, Igor Leščešen

Abstract: Spatial and temporal analysis of hydrological droughts, defned by two variables: defcit and duration of drought, is presented in this paper. Time series of defcits and drought durations are derived using threshold level method for 15 hydrological stations in basin of Južna Morava (Serbia). Since Q90 was used as thresh old level for drought defnition, these time series are ready for frequency analysis of extreme droughts. The longest average duration of drought is observed on Visočica River at Braćevci, then on Vlasina River at Vlasotince, and shortest droughts on upstream stations of Južna Morava, Vladičin Han and Grdelica. There is a direct relationship between absolute values of drought defcits and catch ment area or mean annual water discharge, while standardize defcits have similar spatial distribution as drought duration. Regional defcit index (RDI) was calculated, which enabled insight in spatial-temporal drought characteristics in defned regions, like seasons when droughts most often occur, and derivation of largest droughts, both in terms of their duration, and covered area.

Keywords: hydrological drought, threshold level method, drought defcit, RDI, Južna Morava, Serbia

DOI: 10.18421/GP20.04-02

Article info: 197–207

Received: July 13, 2016 | Revised: October 6, 2016 | Accepted: December 13, 2016

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