Turizam Volume 20, Issue 4-2


Authors: Maja Banjac, Bojana Kalenjuk, Dragan Tešanović, Snježana Gagić, Biljana Cvetković

Abstract: The food is basically a physiological need of people. However it has been increasingly enjoyed by gourmets thus satisfying their hedonistic needs and creating the basis for a tourist trip. For food to be the motive for the arrival of tourists, it must be different from the food offered in the
daily environment of living, and it is expected that such food exists in rural areas. Research of gastronomic potential in rural areas was carried out in the region of Vojvodina (northern Serbia), which is a multicultural tourist area where there are around thirty different nations, which through history, living in this plain, fertile area, influenced the formation of the rich and varied gastronomy. The aim of this papir is to examine the tourism potentials that could attract rich gastronomic tourists to rural areas, in order to support the development of countrysides of the region.

Keywords: gastronomy, food, tourism, rural, potential, development

DOI: 10.18421/TRZ20.04-02

Article info: 180-191

Received: October 2016 | Accepted: December 2016

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