Turizam Volume 19, Issue 2-2


Authors:Ákos Kátay, Róbert Kiss

Abstract: The hotel is part of the tourism suprastructure; it provides the conditions of the complex supply set of the people’s temporary home. The most important supply characteristic is the location, because this is the only one that is not changeable after a hotel starts its operation. Therefore, the site of the venue completely determines the hotel’s future successfulness. The aim of the research is to explore how much Danube bank located hotel industry lived with the opportunity of choosing the venue’s establishing location as a potential attraction. The paper also outlines how much these properties use this condition in their marketing and also in selling their products. The research examines those hotels that have no significant built-up area between their property and the Danube that would completely destroy the view of the river. According to the hypotheses of the research these riverside based venues mostly belong to international or regional hotel chains. The economical factor during the planning of the venue is much more important than that all rooms should have a riverside view. In the hotels’ marketing communication the utilization of the Danube appears as an attraction such as its additional value shows up in their price policy. The average room prices of these venues’ are higher than the same capital’s similar star-rated ones without having Danube view.
In order to get relevant answers for the above hypotheses authors have a detailed literature review on the development plans and operating reports of the hotel and hospitality industry and examined the involved hotels’ website content analysis, as well.

Keywords:Danube, hotel, attraction, location, view, position

DOI: 10.18421/TRZ19.02-02

Article info: 56-70

Received:September 2014 | Accepted: May 2015

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