Session Scopes & Themes


These are only initially recommended conference themes which could be amended and/or merged after abstract submission deadline.

Please note: The official language of the conference is English!

1. iGeneration

  • iGenearation and tourism market
  • Sharing economy and tourism and hospitality services
  • Social media marketing in tourism and hospitality

2. Creative industries and events in tourism

  • Implementation of Creative Industries and events in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Aspirations, Challenges and Restraints of Creative Industries and events
  • Innovations in creative industries and events
  • Economic and social impacts of creative industries and events
  • Territorial Distribution and Potential Imbalances in the Distribution of Creative Industries and events
  • Creative industries & creative policies
  • Diversity of events

3. Marketing, e-tourism and tourism policy

  • Destination image and branding
  • Destination competitiveness
  • ICT in tourism
  • Smart Tourism
  • eStrategy and eBusiness models
  • Internet marketing
  • Tourism Policy and Planning
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism
  • Monitoring and Management of Tourism Development
  • EU Policy and Tourism
  • Tourism and Globalization

4. Motivation, behaviour and human resources in tourism

  • Motivation and human resources in tourism
  • Behaviour of tourists
  • Travel motivation and preferences
  • Decision making process

5. Education in tourism and teaching

  • Educational aspects in tourism
  • A review of innovation research in tourism
  • Innovation patterns in sustainable tourism
  • Tourism training and education

6. Natural and cultural resources and thematic routes

  • Relationship between natural and cultural resources
  • Heritage management
  • Conservation methods in tourism
  • Heritage in situ and ex situ interpretation
  • Assessment tools for tourism evaluation
  • Famous artists as a source of touristic destination brending
  • Creating routes – linking and protecting natural and cultural landscape
  • Different cultural and sport routes as a tool for the economic development
  • Urban thematic routes

7. Hospitality

  • Service quality and consumer satisfaction
  • Motivation, job satisfaction and employees service orientation in hospitality
  • Sustainable development (use of green technologies, social responsibility)
  • Contemporary trends in building and equipping hotels
  • Hotel and restaurants energy solutions

8. Gastronomy

  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Consumers and Healthy Nutrition
  • Sensory Quality and Food Technology in Gastronomy
  • Food Safety and Quality Systems
  • Designation of Origin, Geographical Indication and Traditional Specialty of Foods
  • Education and Innovations in Gastronomy

9. Hunting tourism

  • Hunting tourism trends
  • Hunting cynology
  • Breeding and protection of game


We honestly invite you to submit papers and share your ideas which would certainly broaden the image of tourism, hospitality and multidisciplinary studies worldwide!