About conference

Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality – CTTH 2019 is an International conference regarding research in tourism, leisure, hotel management, hunting tourism, gastronomy and multidisciplinary studies such are events and meeting industry, entrepreneurship in hospitality, creative industries etc.

The CTTH is traditionally organized since 1997 and for the 18th time this year. Until 2009 it was annual, when it was rearranged as biennial event. So far the scientific meeting comprised the following topics: contemporary tendencies in tourism, sustainable tourism development, cultural tourism, economical aspects of tourism and leisure, marketing and management, hotel management, specific forms of tourism, animation and logistics in tourism, hunting tourism issues, hospitality and gastronomy.
The main aim of the conference is to put emphasis on the importance of cultural and event tourism as important factors for improvement of tourism and general economic image of certain country or region.

This year the working title of the conference is Get Ready for the iGeneration.
Targeting younger generations can sometimes be a challenge  because of their supposed short attention span. The iGeneration had the chance to be connected during their entire lives; the information they have access to is almost unlimited, but their time isn’t. Everything gets filtered: "what’s trending", "what’s hot" – so they can pick and choose what to spend their time on.  From the marketing perspective that means grabbing attention quickly and then providing more detailed information for youngsters to follow up on.

By 2020 the iGeneration will account for approximately 40% of all consumers with disposable income to travel. More than their predecessors, this venturesome lot is extremely interested in more personalized hospitality services and products. Immersion travel thus becomes a catchphrase that service providers strive at attaining when offering travel options. 

While they can best be described as sophisticated, these post-millennials views travel through a more open-minded perspective and are ready to sample as many offerings from the umpteen travel destinations worldwide. They embrace multiculturalism, are involved with global issues such as environmentalism and are not afraid to explore bohemian odysseys.

 Noticeably all their moments are captured and shared on social media since they are deeply ingrained into the internet of things. They will review online, recommend, and even dissuade their peers not to try certain destinations or accommodation properties if their expectations are unmet.

Novi Sad is a youthful city, with a youth population of 80,000, plus a further 80,000 students.

The city of Novi Sad was declared the Youth Capital of Europe! This title is awarded to European city for a period of one year, and in competition with the French city of Amiens, British Derry City & Strabane and Manchester and the Italian Perugia, Novi Sad won a victory for the year 2019! During this period the city is given a chance to show, through various programs, its cultural, social, political and economic life and development programs for young people.

Beside this topic, we warmly welcome contributors from diverse fields of management, business, tourism, hospitality, event management and creative industries to present their research in very broad thematic sessions.

We honestly invite you to submit papers and share your ideas which would certainly broaden the image of tourism, hospitality and multidisciplinary studies worldwide.
We look forward to meet you at the conference and on behalf of the Organizational board we wish you all the best!